From their home in Armidale (NSW), Trì (Scottish – pronounced ‘tree’) forge new territory into the Australian Folk music scene of original instrumental and traditional dance music repertoires, inspired by music from around the globe. Trì are three of the Australia-New England region’s foremost Celtic and World music musicians are: Kez Watson (fiddles/mandolin/tenor guitar), David Carr (uilleann pipes/flute/whistle) and Stephen Tafra (guitar/banjo/accordion). With a sound that draws on diverse musical heritage, Trì seek to strengthen the identity of a ‘New England’ Celtic/World music region, as unique as the rich instrumental folk traditions already established in Australia. Interweaving traditional tunes from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and Andalusia with new and original compositions and arrangement – filled with idiomatic essences from the New England to musics of Eastern Europe, Appalachia, Australia and beyond; Trì speak with a unique voice, reflecting an ever-evolving sense of place and heritage while respecting tradition. 

Kez Watson – all kinds of fiddles/viola/octave viola-cello/mandolin/tenor guitar…

Stephen Tafra – guitars/accordion/banjo and other stringed things…

David Carr – has a bad case of wind… whistles/flute/uilleann pipes/clarinet….and a lot more! David has been playing wind instruments since the age of seven. Starting on recorder, he moved to clarinet, saxophone, flute and oboe. He has played many styles of music, from classical to rock, folk to jazz and a variety of world music traditions. As a collector (hoarder) of wind instruments, he has explored music from all over the world as he followed the traditions behind the instruments piling up in his home. A passion for Celtic music from a young age saw him inevitably progress from whistles to Irish flute and on to Uilleann pipes – relishing the lifelong challenge to master this beautiful instrument. David has found a challenging, fun and supportive ensemble in Trì, and, opportunity to give plenty of his lesser known instruments an airing.

Music Releases

The debut album from Trì – “One, Two, TRI” – will be released in December 2021. The original tunes – crafted for combinations of fiddle, uilleann pipes/flute/whistle, banjo/accordion/guitar and double bass – draw on inspiration from a variety of Celtic, European and Australian performance and dance music traditions. The live recordings reflect the group’s diverse approach and passion for performing traditional and contemporary repertoires from around the world. The album content identifies within the celtic, folk and world music genres; drawing on regional elements of musical style and language in tune form and ‘local accent’, instrument combination/ensemble arrangement and compositional technique. You will hear ‘ancient’ airs and dance tune sets, reflective of the traditional sounds of Ireland, Scotland and the Spanish celtic provinces. Captured in the 7/8  and 13/8 tunes on the album; the fusion of idiomatic structures and essences from Eastern Europe and beyond, such as the exotic scales/modes and rhythmic grooves of the Balkans. Add to this an audible exchange in Australian and Norwegian folk contexts, via a solo (dual track) improvisation and tune formation; performed on a sympathetic stringed ‘wombat-hardanger’ fiddle. With tunes from the album already earmarked/in production for film/media soundtracks, the long and unbroken traditions of folk and dance music are set to continue with these Tri. 

Tri: Live in concert

Tri: Live (recording) at Moonlight Studio, Sydney

Trì: The Welder’s Armidale

Trì: Charlie’s Last Stand, St Patrick’s Day 2019

Trì: House Concert