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Kez Watson

From her first major solo performance in the United States aged 10, to her most recent collaborations with International singer/songwriters and musicians, Kez has developed a curiosity for and breadth of practice in learning, teaching and performing music from a variety of traditions and perspectives.

UK touring!

Kez studied classical violin under the direction of Hiroko Primrose and Dr. Michael Heaney via the Suzuki/Kodaly methods. During her school years, she worked with a variety of International artists including; Rachel Valler (piano), Hans Gyors (cello), The Peking String Quartet and Jazz violinist Don Harper. Kez also attended master classes both in Australia and overseas, under the instruction of renowned teachers such as Harry Curby, Jan Sedivka and Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  Following her first major performances at the Brigham Young University in Provo-Utah (USA), Kez performed with members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra whilst attending the Eighth World Suzuki Conference in Berlin.

During her early years of University study, Kez began to widen her performance, composition and musical appreciation boundaries by touring and recording with a variety of groups in the musical genres of Rock, Country, Folk, Klezmer, Gypsy and Indonesian music. During this time, she completed a Bachelor of Music degree, Diploma in Education and Bachelor of Education degree in Special Education at the University of New England. After several years of session work, recording and touring in Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia, Kez focused her attention on developing her fiddle, mandolin, and viola playing skills in a new direction, primarily encompassing the music traditions of Ireland and Scotland.

Sundanese ‘biola’ with gamelan

After a two month tour of Scotland in 2007 and the recording and release of the ‘Kez and Friends’ album titled Follow Me in 2009, Kez participated in sessions with master Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser at “Boxwood New Zealand” in 2011. This prompted  her focus on the Scottish music side of her doctoral research and creative practice project, incorporating a portfolio of arrangements and compositions, two live DVD concert recordings and an album of instrumental music. The project was inspired by years of creative work in the Celtic, Sundanese and wider World Music domains and was completed in 2013, in conjunction with her research into ‘transcultural violin performance’.

Kez’s greatest body of performance work currently lies in the genres of traditional and contemporary Celtic Music. Check out some of her recent performances with ‘Trì’ (and others) on the Music and Video pages here. You can also experience Kez’s music craft via her ongoing session work, writing, recordings and concerts in a variety of Classical, Country, Folk and ‘Fusion’ collaborations across Australia and New Zealand.

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